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Who We Are

Beyond Business As Usual

Intelligence Nature International, over the past 9 years has made strides in working partnerships with various businesses across industries in banking and finance; the extractive sector (mining, oil and gas); manufacturing and chemicals; food and beverage; WASH- Global Water, Sanitation And Hygiene; telecommunications; power and energy; wood and forestry; ports and harbor; healthcare facilities and transport to name a few. Our expert teams have 10-20 years industry relevance across sectors and are backed by technologies that provide accurate data, ensuring strategy, implementations and assessments are relevant and reliable.

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Some Core Sectors We Have Supported

Consumer Goods
Agriculture, Food & Beverage
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Energy & Resources
Energy, Oil & Gas, Mining
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Finance & Logistics
Banking & Transport
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Water, construction & forestry
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Report on at least one (1) of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
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