ESG Strategy & Policy

Intelligence Nature International assists businesses within all sectors to draft ESG Policies & Strategies that would help in avoidance, management, reduction, prevention, or offsetting of their operation and process impact on the environment, society, and economy as a whole. We ensure that it fulfills all legal and economic requirements of the country of operation as well as adheres also to all recognizable standards, community by-laws, and gender and labor laws.

Organizations that are serious about being compliant with ESG Policy can rely on INI to collectively work towards achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs)

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ESG Risk Management

We offer environmental, social and governance risk management services, health and safety management, fatal and catastrophic hazard movement; integrated EHS risk management systems, quality management system, enterprise risk management integration, and climate and disaster risks and resilience control and management. 

We work closely with entities to achieve green governance to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the world.

We conduct operational and strategic risk assessments and assist companies to achieve world-class quality management system accreditations such as ISO 14001:2015, OHSAH 18001:2007, and ISO 45001:2018.

Stakeholder Relations

The purpose of E&S risk and impact management is to investigate, determine and evaluate E&S risks and impacts during an organization’s activities. Intelligence Nature International works with experts who assist in communicating with the key stakeholders within communities, workforce or employee base, leadership, and all other key stakeholders along the value chain to ensure that the objectives of ESMS are achieved.

Environment & Climate

Organizational activities have impact on the people, the environment and the economy. INI concerns itself with identifying operations that would affect the critical habitats, quality of water and air, livelihood of the people in communities in which the organizations operate and the pollution that affects other environmental and climatic variables around the areas where these organizations work.

We analyze community potential health and safety risks, disposal risks, waste management risks, within areas of operational impact and advice on redress mechanisms to create balance.

Health & Safety

We advise to ensure that OHSAS 18001:2007 requirements and procedures are developed in a holistic manner to attend to health and safety risks management for each industry.