Sustainability efforts within cities, communities and municipalities are often ignored. The idea of renewing energy-powered homes; environmental, water, and sanitation are key considerations for green communities. We work at reducing carbon footprint within these cities and form part of blue-print work when planning cities and habitations (enclaves or estates).

 INI trusts that making these antecedents to city planning is a priority if the SDG 11 which shows interest in the existence of sustainable cities and communities by the year 2030 would be achieved.

With urbanization on the rise, thanks to the city and estate development agencies, INI sees the need to partner with well-planned cities and municipalities.


To champion environmental and business sustainability, businesses must invest in United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6: Create Water And Sustainability Goal.

The precursor to achieving this is to align your business to leading international reporting frameworks: CDP, the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

What INI offers is a collective partnership at developing not only ESG strategies but also addressing critical environmental and social issues for your organization.

According to Track Insights, 2 billion people are deprived of safe drinking water, 3.6 billion acceptable sanitation, and 2.3 billion basic hygiene services in 2020. 


As with many other sectors, it has become apparent that there are some ESG risks in the construction and infrastructure industry.  

INI has skilled executives who help companies formulate strategies and policies that incorporate innovation as well as team diversity towards ensuring the sustainability of the business, stakeholders, and the environment at large. 

We assist with ESMS Development, Environmental risk assessment, and policy documentation in compliance with OHSAS.


We support wood and forestry businesses with sustainability ambitions to reduce deforestation of native forests and other negative environmental/climate change impacts to ensure longevity in business as well as established occupational health and safety standards within the industry.

We are compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other industry-relevant bodies in the execution of our assessments, strategies, implementations, and reports.