Air Quality

INI provide laboratory services in the form of environmental quality monitoring air quality. INI has invested in state-of-the-art instrumental analytical techniques. We conduct both indoor and outdoor sampling and analysis.

Water Quality

INI provide water quality analyses and monitoring during and before incidents by conducting sampling and laboratory investigations on water samples.

Soil & Crops

We support with testing services for agricultural material and products to assess soil and crop quality. We also examine the organization’s logistics and acquisition process risks.

Food & Pharma

Food and pharmaceutical production is responsible for waste management, disposal and health risks. Proper ESMS is required to ensure that your organization is complaint against pollution, health and safety risks and incidents against humans and the environment.

Industrial Materials

INI investigates health, safety and environmental incidents, and public environmental incidents, and build capacity and systems to report, investigate and manage EHS incidents caused as a result of production and consumption of industrial materials.